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Internet, we meet again…

Well, it’s come to this.  Although I’ve made  previous forays into the hubristic world of online self promotion, my existing conduits are no longer sufficient to contain my delusions of cultural and professional relevance.

Unlike my existing content delivery mechanisms which either have a specific purpose, are the products of my labor as an employee of a large corporation, or contain inherent and severe restrictions, this site is, to an even larger extent, all about me.  Expect to see information on non-work related projects, opinions irrelevant to the MSDN audience (or which are not in keeping with that outlet’s charter as a semi-official company mouthpiece), and thoughts expressed in greater than one hundred and forty characters.  First off I intend to play around with a few of the recently and soon-to-be released mobile SDKs, for which having an official domain should be useful.

In any case, you’re probably wondering what the glowing tube up at the top of this post is for.  I believe it’s a rectifier tube, and it happened to be the glowing-est vacuum switch in my Fender reissue 1965 Deluxe Reverb which gave me the inspiration for the title of this blog.  “Adjustable bias” is a term indicating a mechanism for calibrating the dual power tubes contained in many guitar amplifiers, and I decided it can also be a clever name – and unregistered .com domain – for a blog.

So welcome!  We’ll soon find out how long these shenanigans continue.

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