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Check Out My New Podcast – Stuff You Need For

After watching Erin get her podcast up and running and how much fun she was having interviewing other teachers about how they got into the profession and hearing the great stories they had, I started thinking I might want to start one of my own.  The problem was, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted the topic to be.  So I thought about what connected many of the interests and hobbies in which I engage.  I enjoy photography, playing guitar and other instruments, biking, esoteric outdoor sports, PC gaming, travel, and media production, but also, I really enjoy figuring things out – how they are done and how to do them well.  I also tend to like shopping for these hobbies.  Buying stuff, but also the process of shopping – researching the options, finding the elbow in the cost curve where you start paying more but the quality stops rising so dramatically.  I guess I’m kind of a gear head.  So that’s what I went with!

My new podcast is called Stuff You Need For and in each episode I plan to cover a different hobby or topic and give recommendations for all the stuff you’ll need to get started.  Think of it as The Wirecutter but for activities instead of individual products.  I’ve already got a pair of meta-episodes covering podcasting microphones and related equipment which Erin helped me with, along with an episode for Bike Month where Jason and I go over the stuff you need to bike commute either for a few days or for the long run.  I plan to keep on with an episode roughly every two weeks (the latest episode was released a bit early to make it in time for Bike To Work Day on May 15th) covering both topics I know a lot about like photography, learning guitar, backpacking and camping, but also those I don’t – I’d love to get friends and guests on to discuss things like distance running, writing a book, video production etc.  That’s because while I love my current hobbies, I really like learning how to do new ones, and that’s what I really want to drive the Stuff You Need For – I want to make it super easy for someone just starting out to dive into a new hobby or project, with no false starts, without the wrong equipment for their needs, and get going, get learning and get doing.

Check out Stuff You Need For today, on the web, on YouTube, at iTunes, or in your favorite podcast app (RSS link or just search for “Stuff You Need For”), and be sure to leave us a comment if you’ve got any questions or suggestions for better options or future topics.  Thanks!

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